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After Covid

Just got over having the Covid virus. (Yes, I got the vaccine). What a wild ride, headaches, chills, brain fog, and the endless coughing. Made it through and am still in recovery but what stands out the most is the thought: What if i wasn’t in shape when I got sick? What is I wasn’t working out regularly?. I’m convinced my working out and food choices brought me back from the edge much faster.

So…what have we learned from a pandemic that took out so many people in such a short time. What have we learned about a virus that treated those with compromised health much different than those with stronger immune systems? I hope we all learned what I already knew: Staying strong and in the best health we can be will more than likely save our lives. Let’s Go!!! Let’s talk about training and food today. #besthealth #fitness #foodchoices #family #hearthealth #mindbody #smallsfit #weightlossjourney #power #push #love #boxing