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It’s time. Yes the New Year. I won’t even say it..“New Year’s Res….”. Let’s rename it. “Lifelong resolution”. See the problem with “New Years”..is that once the New Years celebrations are over….so are the resolutions. Transforming your body and mind are not fads, gimmicks or anything temporary. Healthy living is a lifelong journey. It’s a marathon. The new year brings a mindset of renewal, starting fresh. Yes, use that energy to kick off a new journey in health. Let’s go!! Re-think your goals with a long term mindset. Plan some short term goals (30, 60, 90 days) to achieve on your way to the big reveal. Yes! You can do it. #weightlossjourney #train #marathon #goals #cardio #love #believe #family #happiness #life

The hardest step in any journey is the first. We do 100 other things before we take that first step to work out; at that point our only obstacle is our mind. How we perceive experiences has a massive affect on our lives. In other words we behave according to how our minds perceive the pain or pleasure associated with an event or action. If we associate only pain, fatigue and misery with working out getting to the gym or the trail is harder. To that end; how do we improve our perception of working out? One thing we can do is make our workouts fun and measured. Don’t like weights? Use bands or body weight exercises. Don’t like running? Jump in a Zumba or body pump class at the gym. Day before preparation also makes a big difference. Plan the next days workout, meditate, get your clothes ready and get to bed early. If you associate pleasure with training you will want to do it more often. Remember this is the only real investment; your investment in you. #weightlossjourney #keeppushing #love #boxing #cardio #tone #train #exercise #weightloss #meditate #rest #womenshealth #mentalhealth #rapidweightloss

This morning in Atlanta was dark, cold, windy and wet. 7 am. I‘m bundled up so is my wingman. We push farther into the park and see the Georgia Tech cross country team training intervals—-shirtless. Sweating heavy, going fast. My thought : Its all mental. They decided the elements didn’t matter. They decided their training was the priority not the temperature. They realized they had total control over how they felt about anything. We all have this power. I call it power because that‘s exactly what it is. When you realize you have the power to decide how you feel about everything. Cold, heat, rain, pain, fatigue, etc…attitude is everything. Let’s Go! #push #weightlossjourney #mental #attitude #love #power #decide #whatmatters #seekhelp #trustyourself #fight #weightloss #toning #fitness

Motivation. “Get up and go” “Lets get to it“ We hear many statements designed to jump start us to working out but the truth is….we are human and as we age or go through life’s challenges it gets harder to “kick into action” on a consistent basis to exercise. Through the years I’ve developed a decent set of habits to get me going when my motivation level is the lowest. Daily meditation is one of my favorites. Going to bed earlier or getting 6-7 hours of sleep works wonders on motivation. Staying hydrated is paramount. Hydrated brain and muscle tissues help to hack away at that malaise or unmotivated tired feeling we get throughout the morning. Shorter workouts also help me keep up the fire. If I can say to myself “lets just knock out a quick workout” I‘ve made it more “doable” in my mind an am able to start easily. So…use and develop my techniques or find your own personal kickstart tools to help get through those lack of motivation times! #letsgo #motivation #weightlossjourney #power #meditation #love #sleep #hydration #letsgettoit #believe

Just got over having the Covid virus. (Yes, I got the vaccine). What a wild ride, headaches, chills, brain fog, and the endless coughing. Made it through and am still in recovery but what stands out the most is the thought: What if i wasn’t in shape when I got sick? What is I wasn’t working out regularly?. I’m convinced my working out and food choices brought me back from the edge much faster.

So…what have we learned from a pandemic that took out so many people in such a short time. What have we learned about a virus that treated those with compromised health much different than those with stronger immune systems? I hope we all learned what I already knew: Staying strong and in the best health we can be will more than likely save our lives. Let’s Go!!! Let’s talk about training and food today. #besthealth #fitness #foodchoices #family #hearthealth #mindbody #smallsfit #weightlossjourney #power #push #love #boxing

So many people ask: “What should I eat”? “What vitamins should I take?”, “What should I drink?” Of course trainers and coaches love to tell you what to eat and take, but let’s flip the coin and ask: “What should you NOT eat or drink”? The longer I train and coach the more I realize it’s what were not quitting and stopping is what matters. Breaking lifelong bad habits is harder than adding fat burners, vitamins, probiotics and shakes. It’s what were not quitting and stopping. The brain and body listens to habit. Results come from change. Make that change. #weightlossjourney #train #tone #fight #instalove #smallsfit #weighttraining #boxing #kickboxing #taekwondo #work #love #family #protect #veterans #rapidweightloss #shape

You are almost there, the end of the year. Hopefully during the pandemic you worked out more or you didn’t. Hopefully you took advantage of hours and hours of free time to exercise, sleep more and eat cleaner. It’s not as hard as it seems, no really! More water, veggies, fiber and protein. Meditate, love yourself and others more. Breathe, Smile. Feed your soul, calm your mind. Give.

This holiday season we at Smallsfit.com wish you and your loved ones joy, love, health, understanding and peace. #love #weightloss #train #give #tone #holiday #joy #peace #fight #christmas #family

Holiday Gains. Not the bodybuilding kind but the weight gain kind. It’s inevitable 8,9, 10 even 15 pound weight gains during the 2 month holiday season. Covid-19 restrictions may prevent a good amount of impromptu gatherings but bring on the Turkey, stuffing, dressing, cranberry, pies and cakes, egg nog and cookies. Try some new recipes and mix it up between sinfully decadent and heart healthy lean. Make a switch and come into the New Year a little leaner. While travel is restricted we still wish everyone the most beautiful holiday season while staying safe. #weightlossjourney #train #family #holidays #cheer #happy #workout #love #hiit #tone #home

Every 3000 miles we change the oil in our cars. We change the air filter, we clean fuel injectors, we change out rotted hoses and belts. Over time our cars build up residue from fuel deposits, oil deposits and pollution. When our cars suffer from build up we burn more gas and risk engine failure. Well, our bodies are not much different (in theory) when our arteries collect residue, our organs work harder. Processed, high fat, super saturated carb rich foods turn into sludge in the blood stream. Digestion, brain function and renal function decrease leading to fat storage and WEIGHT GAIN. When we realize food converts to fat burning fuel or weight gaining sludge we can make the right choice. Remember. You are in charge. Fuel or sludge? You cant change out parts. Get a fuel plan from Smallsfit.com Today! #fuel #eatclean #sludge #weightlossjourney #instalove #weightloss #hearthealthy #heart #tone #train #workout #lift #transform

These are very tough times for everyone. The pandemic is a lesson. A lesson in stress. A lesson patience and a lesson in life. Most importantly there is no more important time to have a strong immune system. Exercise and diet are the most important issues in your life. Now our lives literally depend on how healthy we are. Choose your food carefully. Exercise daily. We have the time now!

Decide to win and come out of this a stronger you. A happier you. A healthier you.