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Motivation. “Get up and go” “Lets get to it“ We hear many statements designed to jump start us to working out but the truth is….we are human and as we age or go through life’s challenges it gets harder to “kick into action” on a consistent basis to exercise. Through the years I’ve developed a decent set of habits to get me going when my motivation level is the lowest. Daily meditation is one of my favorites. Going to bed earlier or getting 6-7 hours of sleep works wonders on motivation. Staying hydrated is paramount. Hydrated brain and muscle tissues help to hack away at that malaise or unmotivated tired feeling we get throughout the morning. Shorter workouts also help me keep up the fire. If I can say to myself “lets just knock out a quick workout” I‘ve made it more “doable” in my mind an am able to start easily. So…use and develop my techniques or find your own personal kickstart tools to help get through those lack of motivation times! #letsgo #motivation #weightlossjourney #power #meditation #love #sleep #hydration #letsgettoit #believe