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Fuel vs Sludge

Every 3000 miles we change the oil in our cars. We change the air filter, we clean fuel injectors, we change out rotted hoses and belts. Over time our cars build up residue from fuel deposits, oil deposits and pollution. When our cars suffer from build up we burn more gas and risk engine failure. Well, our bodies are not much different (in theory) when our arteries collect residue, our organs work harder. Processed, high fat, super saturated carb rich foods turn into sludge in the blood stream. Digestion, brain function and renal function decrease leading to fat storage and WEIGHT GAIN. When we realize food converts to fat burning fuel or weight gaining sludge we can make the right choice. Remember. You are in charge. Fuel or sludge? You cant change out parts. Get a fuel plan from Smallsfit.com Today! #fuel #eatclean #sludge #weightlossjourney #instalove #weightloss #hearthealthy #heart #tone #train #workout #lift #transform