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I Don’t Have Time

Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about people not having time for their health. I know I know I’m a trainer and we believe working out solves everything. (It does:-)). Time, time, time. Our most valuable commodity. Quality time. My mom always says “The best things in life are free” and “as long as I have my health”.

Now I know what she meant all those years. What good is life unless you feel and look your best. What we must understand is that working out and eating right helps the body manage stress. Stress overload leads to disease, tiredness, and ultimately aging. Who wants that?

Use your phone, tablet or iPad to schedule eating and workouts just like you schedule work meetings, kids schedule, parties, happy hours, shopping and all that other stuff we think is important. (Well kids are). Really take a look at your to do list and think what on that list and being busy has to do with your actual happiness or success?

Spend the time on yourself. You’re worth it.