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Trust in the belief of your Best Self

As we age taking care of ourselves gets harder because we are fighting factors that are out of our control. Depending on our situations stress can increase as we age, fear of becoming empty nesters, aging parents, financial issues, health issues etc. Finding the motivation to workout and eat right gets harder as time goes on. The one thing that works for me is to go slow and just start with something small and easy. A walk in the park, a stretching session in the living room or a low impact spin class. Trust in the belief of your better self or your “star player” as Kat Williams says. Take a few minutes as soon as you wake up and meditate on your worth and value. Give yourself a mini pep talk or a major one. Maybe you need a “cheer” partner like I do. A friend that helps you stay motivated and powerful. Agree on a set time each day to Pump each other up!!