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Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about people not having time for their health. I know I know I’m a trainer and we believe working out solves everything. (It does:-)). Time, time, time. Our most valuable commodity. Quality time. My mom always says “The best things in life are free” and “as long as I have my health”.

Now I know what she meant all those years. What good is life unless you feel and look your best. What we must understand is that working out and eating right helps the body manage stress. Stress overload leads to disease, tiredness, and ultimately aging. Who wants that?

Use your phone, tablet or iPad to schedule eating and workouts just like you schedule work meetings, kids schedule, parties, happy hours, shopping and all that other stuff we think is important. (Well kids are). Really take a look at your to do list and think what on that list and being busy has to do with your actual happiness or success?

Spend the time on yourself. You’re worth it.

It’s a proven fact. The healthier you are, the more money you make. Period. Most importantly, you get to enjoy the benefits of success longer and with happier quality of life. The stronger, healthier more vibrant you are the more you are able to kick butt at your job, your business and in life. Sales is a transfer of Energy! Let’s face it; when we are at work we’re selling our personalities our abilities and ideas to the company we work for. Better performance translates to higher sales, less stress, positive attitudes and that translates to promotions and more money. So let’s rock the workouts. Start were you are. From an easy going walk to 5 rounds of boxing it counts!

Getting up the motivation to work out after 40 is not the same as responding to that automatic feeling of energy and power we got when we were 25. Our bodies begin to stop producing a list of chemicals, enzymes and endorphins that give us that spark of desire to blast off along with the power to recover fast after the age of 28. How do we continue to maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle when we still have more than three quarters of our life to live? My solution at 56 is 95% mental. Staying positive is my goal. There are megatons of forces designed to drag us down as we manage careers, family, aging parents while preparing for retirement.

A morning routine of gratitude, forgiveness and calm is where I start coupled with the most insane self “pump up” session I can muster. You should hear me, I sound like Ali before a big fight “I am the greatest!”, “I can’t possibly be beat!”. I repeat this throughout the day as I need it and it does the trick. One thing I do is play the “Olympic Fanfare” by John Williams and I imagine I am an Olympian. You know why? Because we are. To our kids, our loved ones and our friends. So why not act like it.

As we age taking care of ourselves gets harder because we are fighting factors that are out of our control. Depending on our situations stress can increase as we age, fear of becoming empty nesters, aging parents, financial issues, health issues etc. Finding the motivation to workout and eat right gets harder as time goes on. The one thing that works for me is to go slow and just start with something small and easy. A walk in the park, a stretching session in the living room or a low impact spin class. Trust in the belief of your better self or your “star player” as Kat Williams says. Take a few minutes as soon as you wake up and meditate on your worth and value. Give yourself a mini pep talk or a major one. Maybe you need a “cheer” partner like I do. A friend that helps you stay motivated and powerful. Agree on a set time each day to Pump each other up!!

How do you maintain the body you worked so hard for during the busy times of the year? I call it the nuts and bolts. These are tune up exercises that don’t take much time and can be done in or outside of the gym but give your heart and muscles that boost they need. Its like the homework you had while you were in school or the extra 15 minutes of practice on the piano you added to your regular time to get that extra edge. 15-20 minute blasts of specific targeted exercises make a big difference in maintaining the proportion you need.. To get a list of these “nuts and “bolts’ exercises check out my Jump starter kit on smallsfitness.com.

For a super nutritional products go to www.Lightfighter.idlife.com and take the health assessment and get on the nutrition. Fat burners, proteins, male and female specifc support, sleep aids, hydration aids and much more. To get the best out of your body you need to feed it the best products, At 54, I’m strong and lean. I supplement with the very best. IDLife products are non GMO, Gluten Free, Soy free, and non hormonal. To be the best you must fuel with the best. Build the best body you can.

I started to up my water intake. What a difference. I’m more alert, less tired, and sleep better. Drink close to half you’re body weight in ounces of water each day. Hydrating is a huge benefit to you organs and most importantly; the brain. The human brain is around 65% water. So let it flow. Your urine should be clear. If its not you need more water. Water helps the body shrink the fat cell. Most of the time hunger is confused with simply being thirsty. You want to lose weight faster? Increase your water intake.

“You’ll see it when you believe it”. I love that saying. You have to imprint the vision in your mind first. Visualization works. You want a smaller you? See it first. You want a toned body? See it first. You have a weight loss goal? Keep it in front of you. I have pictures of what I want in front of me. I stare at them for 15 minutes a day. The subconscious mind is the most powerful tool we have. Visualizing is the workout for the subconscious mind.